The Dandelion Farm Review is an online literary magazine edited by Patrick Loafman formed in January of 2012 to publish fine poetry. The editor seeks poems with concrete images that are unique/original and evoke emotions from the reader; poetry that is lyrical with beautiful language, but also makes sense, or has a point, or an interesting thought – it should leave the reader with something tangible. He is not actively seeking rhyming poetry.

Send up to six poems (unpublished preferred but will consider published poems) as a Word Document to with poetry submission in the subject, otherwise it will be deleted. Patrick does not want a bio or cover letter – the poetry is judged on the quality of the language only. If your poetry is accepted, a bio will be requested.

The Dandelion Farm Review does not retain any rights to the poems published, all of the rights return to you, the author, for you to re-publish them however you feel like, but the published poems will remain in the Review’s archives indefinitely. Unfortunately, The Dandelion Farm Review does not pay for accepted poems.

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