Poems From Song of the Winter Wren

Below are two poems from Song of the Winter Wren, a chapbook published by Patrick Loafman in 1998. Contact the author for information on ordering.

It woke me at dawn
when I first moved here.
I stumbled outside
in my underwear,
followed the song
into a dense forest
of ferns and moss.

I caught only glimpses
of a dark shape –
a bird too small
to be the source
of this song.

For six years it’s been singing,
and I’ve been following it
deeper into mountains,
over one ridge, then the next,
away from familiar land.

I’ve gone too far.
I cannot make it back,
but open your windows at dawn,
you will hear me singing,
follow me, if you dare.

The Edge

Moose Lake – a mirror,
swallows kiss their reflections,
trout push from below,
nudge the surface,
crack the boundary,
an opening large enough,
my thoughts slip beneath
the skin of water,
stare back
at my body
on the edge,
rigid, cross-legged,
unable to follow.

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