More About The Editor

Patrick Loafman’s novel, “Somewhere Upriver,” was published by Event Horizon Press in 2014 –  you can read more about it at his author web page

He has two chapbooks of poetry: Song of the Winter Wren (poems about the Olympic Mountains of Washington State) and Desert Journal (poems from winter travels to the deserts). 

Patrick graduated with a B.S. in wildlife biology from Auburn University in 1988, and has worked as a seasonal biologist since then. His specialty is herpetology, the study of amphibians and reptiles, but has also worked extensively with birds, including the spotted owl in Olympic National Park, and more recently, botanical research.

Patrick Lives in Washington State on The Dandelion Farm with his wife, and some of the friendliest chickens in the world. He is also a gourd artist and you can see some of his art at

He also makes musical instruments out of gourds, including gourd drums, banjos, mandolins, and most recently koras. A kora is a twenty-one string African harp. You can see some of his musical instruments at

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