The Dandelion Farm Review Home Page

Edited by Patrick Loafman, author of the new novel, Somewhere Upriver.


Winter, 2104 Issue is now online with poetry by Jeff Burt, Daren Demaree, Cheryl A. Van Beek and Linda Woolven


Autumn, 2013:  Poetry by Mary-Alice Boulter, Kenneth P. Gurney, Molly Hollenbach and Andrea McBride.

Summer, 2013: Poetry by Phillip A. Ellis, Dawnell Harrison, Agholor Leonard Obiaderi, Roy Anthony Shabla and Dana Yost.

Spring, 2013: Poetry by Jose Araguz, Cristina del Canto, Dawnell Harrison and Brendan Sullivan.

Winter, 2013: Poetry by Melissa Fry Beasley, Holly Day, Clyde Kessler and Timothy Roos

Autumn, 2012: Poetry by Mary-Alice Boulter, Sonja Johanson and Jerry Kraft

Summer, 2012: Poetry by Richard Brobst, Karla Huston, Douglas Nordfors and
Helen Sears

Spring, 2012: Poetry by John Allman, Neil Ellman, Howie Good and Kenneth P. Gurney

Winter, 2012: Poetry by Sally Albiso, Bob Arnold, Michael Hettich, Miriam Sagan and
Brigit Kelly Young

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