The Dandelion Farm Review Home Page

Edited by Patrick Loafman, author of the new novel, Somewhere Upriver.


Spring, 2014: Poetry by Suzann Bick, Brandyn Johnson, Britt Melewski and Simon Perchik


Winter, 2104: Poetry by Jeff Burt, Daren Demaree, Cheryl A. Van Beek and Linda Woolven

Autumn, 2013:  Poetry by Mary-Alice Boulter, Kenneth P. Gurney, Molly Hollenbach and Andrea McBride.

Summer, 2013: Poetry by Phillip A. Ellis, Dawnell Harrison, Agholor Leonard Obiaderi, Roy Anthony Shabla and Dana Yost.

Spring, 2013: Poetry by Jose Araguz, Cristina del Canto, Dawnell Harrison and Brendan Sullivan.

Winter, 2013: Poetry by Melissa Fry Beasley, Holly Day, Clyde Kessler and Timothy Roos

Autumn, 2012: Poetry by Mary-Alice Boulter, Sonja Johanson and Jerry Kraft

Summer, 2012: Poetry by Richard Brobst, Karla Huston, Douglas Nordfors and
Helen Sears

Spring, 2012: Poetry by John Allman, Neil Ellman, Howie Good and Kenneth P. Gurney

Winter, 2012: Poetry by Sally Albiso, Bob Arnold, Michael Hettich, Miriam Sagan and
Brigit Kelly Young

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